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ballroom dance for empty nesters

Why Should Empty Nesters Embrace Ballroom Dancing!

ballroom dance for empty nestersIf your last child has left home or is preparing to, remember: This is not your parents’ empty nest. When the kids leave, it’s an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

It’s a scenario many parents quickly become familiar with: your children go off to college and you suddenly find yourself with a very free schedule and feelings of sadness. This phenomenon even has a name — Empty Nest Syndrome — because of how common it is. 

When the kids leave, it’s time to reinvent yourself by reassessing your values and priorities, resurrecting interests, setting new goals, cultivating relationships, adjusting parenting and contributing to something larger than yourself. 

After their kids leave, you might consider returning to earlier pursuits such as painting, learning how to ballroom dance, dabbling in politics, or playing the piano…etc.

ballroom dancing for empty nestersMost parents today are experiencing a renaissance in their relationship when their kids leave, Levenson says. His research shows that parents who are together with their spouses after the kids leave are finding their connection gets stronger and “It’s a constant reminder of the reason they got married in the first place. This is a chance to go back and rediscover that person who got pushed aside.”

After you finish the marathon of child-rearing, your zeal for climbing the career ladder, striving for social status and collecting material things is likely to subside, as is common in middle age. Friends and relatives may suffer from illness or pass away, sending you searching for purpose and meaning.

For many, dance classes can help fill that void, allow for skill improvement, and provide a bonding experience for you and your partner. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why ballroom dancing for empty nesters can be a fantastic opportunity to rediscover yourself.

The value of a schedule

Dance classes usually happen at certain times and on certain days of the week so  you can really plan to incorporate them in your routine. Plus, these beginner dance programs will give you something to look forward to and will actually get you out of the house to participate.

Learn something new!

Whether you’ve had past dance experience or are a complete novice, you can head to the dance studio and challenge yourself to learn (and even master) something new. It’s a priceless investment in yourself.

Get a little closer…

When you learn to dance with your life partner, not only will you be able to practice and discuss your common interest, but you’ll also have a chance to connect in ways you may not always have been able to in the past.

Dancing is good for mind, body and soul!

Flexibility and movement becomes increasingly important as you age, but so do mental skills. In the studio, you’ll pick up new steps and be able to execute them more quickly by improving both body coordination and memory. In addition, you’ll improve your mood through endorphin release — and being immersed in music can’t hurt, either!

Ballroom Dancing For Empty Nesters? What are you waiting for? The dance floor is calling! Find a local dance studio right here!